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Our “Papa Jack” being honored for his hard work

September 4th, 2012

Joe’s father, or “Papa Jack” as the grand and great-grandkids know him, Jack Fiori was honored recently for all of the time and hard work he has put into efforts to save and revitalize the Lodi Grape Bowl.  He is an amazing man whom we love him very much and are excited to see his efforts being recognized!  Here is the full article from the Lodi News Sentinel:

Jack Fiori honored for his work to save the Grape Bowl

By Pam Bauserman/News-Sentinel Features Editor | Posted: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 12:00 am


When Jack Fiori read an article about the dilapidated condition of the Lodi Grape Bowl and the possibility of it being torn down, he knew he had to do something about it. His extensive sports background drove him to begin fundraising efforts to save the Lodi icon for future generations.

Fiori said he did it for his love of kids’ sports.

“When I believe in something I will give it 150 percent,” he said.

For his contributions to government, Fiori was inducted to the Lodi Community Hall of Fame.

When Fiori played football in high school, he experienced what it was like to run into the stadium and see it filled with Lodi residents. He also saw how full the stadium was during graduations. From his standpoint, it was a big part of Lodi.

“It’s a historical thing. To me, taking it down was like taking a part of my body,” he said.

As the driving force behind the renovation, Fiori spent much of his time securing donations. To date, he himself has raised approximately $1.5 million in funds. Since then, the stadium has installed new, efficient lights, improved the bathrooms and access for people with disabilities, put seating in place and resurfaced the field with artificial turf.

Fiori hopes to continue to raise money to fund the second phase of the project, which will begin in November. This part of the project will include a new entrance off of Stockton Street, a ticket booth, a snack bar and more disabled seating.

Fiori was a founding member of the Booster of Boys and Girls Sports (BOBS) in Lodi. He coached youth sports for several years, and in 1981 he was inducted into the Lodi Sports Hall of Fame. He believes the sports programs help keep youths out of trouble and helps them become adults at an earlier age. It teaches kids to communicate, work with each other and be proud of themselves, he said.

His son, Jack Fiori Jr., said his father’s objective of making sure kids had ample opportunity to participate in sports and learn life lessons is what drives him.

“He really got a great deal of satisfaction of teaching young people to succeed at sports,” he said.

Jack Fiori Sr. graduated from Lodi Union High School in 1949 and then attended Stockton Junior College. He was drafted into the Army and served for two years. His own athletic experience included football, basketball and baseball, which earned him 11 letters in high school. He also played football in college and then semi-pro baseball.

“I think from his own personal experience he’s certain that sports make a difference in kids’ lives,” said Jack Fiori Jr.

In 1955, he began his career with the San Joaquin Mosquito Abatement District. He was promoted to assistant manager in 1965 and then to manager in the mid-1970s. He then became manager of two districts when Lodi was combined with Stockton around 1980.

He valued working with the general public as well as the organization’s employees. He also enjoyed the challenge of trying to free people of mosquitoes and diseases, he said.

During his employment with the organization, he served as president of the California Mosquito and Vector Control Association. He retired from the district in 1991 after 37 years of service. To this day, he serves as the trustee representative for the city of Lodi.

Ed Lucchessi, a co-worker, said Fiori has a genuine interest in anything he puts his mind to and jumps in with both feet. His knowledge and experience in controlling mosquitoes still benefits the organization today, he said.

“He’s been a big ally of what we do and continues to be a good resource to have as far as his position on the board,” he said.

In other areas of the community, Fiori served as a past commander of the American Legion Post 22. He has also served as an elder at Zion Church and is presently an active member of First Baptist Church of Lodi.

Ken Vogel, a friend who nominated Fiori, said he is impressed with Fiori’s ability to give to the community as well as his professional career, his support of local youth sports and his activity in civic organizations.

“Jack Fiori is truly the epitome of an outstanding citizen, and Lodi is a better community because of his volunteer efforts,” he said in the nomination papers.

Other inductees this year include Angelo and Barbara Brovelli, who both provided many years of service to the Lodi Boys and Girls Club, for their contributions to community service; Daryl Geweke, who established many automotive franchises and supported many local nonprofits, for his contributions to business; David Lucas, the owner of Lucas Winery who was instrumental in the formation of the original Lodi Vintners group, for his contributions to agriculture; and Dr. Jack Leary, the first orthopedic surgeon in Lodi who pioneered total hip and knee replacements, who was chosen posthumously for his contributions to health care.

The Hall of Fame is sponsored by the Lodi Boys and Girls Club. Inductees will be honored at a dinner and program scheduled for Oct. 20 at 5:30 p.m. at the Boys and Girls Club headquarters, 275 Poplar St., near the corner of Stockton Street. Tickets are $45 each. To make a reservation or for more information, call Eddie Cotton at 209-334-2697.

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A Memorable Day at the Butcher Shoppe

December 16th, 2011

Link to article:

Tears flow as soldier, mom reunite

By Ross Farrow/News-Sentinel Staff Writer | Posted: Thursday, December 15, 2011 12:00 am

Talk about your conspiracy theories — this really was a conspiracy.

Family members made up all sorts of tall tales to surprise Woodbridge resident Tammy Delemos, who was reunited with her son after he recently returned from Iraq.

But it was all worth it when her son, Pfc. Josh Simpson, dressed in his Army fatigues, sneaked up from behind and served his mother the sandwich she ordered Tuesday at Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe on Lodi Avenue.

Simpson had served 11 months in Iraq before being sent to his base in Fort Riley, Kan., on Oct. 22. He hadn’t seen his mother since Feb. 5.

Her eyes filled with tears, Delemos embraced Simpson for a good couple of minutes. The crying got contagious, with customers, cooks and servers throughout the restaurant wiping their eyes as they watched mother and son greet each other.

Delemos’ family formed one big conspiracy to surprise her. And the stories were wild. Here’s a sampling:

Simpson texted his mother, telling her he would be in California for the holidays in five days. That text came at 8:30 Tuesday night, and Simpson was at Sacramento International Airport at the time.

“Basically, he’s been lying to his mother,” said Delemos’ husband, Andy Delemos.

Tammy Delemos’ daughter, Elena Theriot, said she needed to talk to her about a major issue facing her life. They agreed to meet for lunch Wednesday at Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe.

Simpson’s wife, Haley, told her mother-in-law what a long day it was for her on Tuesday. She was talking about flying from Kansas to Sacramento, which included some bad weather in Kansas. Realizing that she almost spilled the beans, Haley instead said it was a long day because of final exams she took Tuesday at a school in Kansas.

To further keep Simpson’s whereabouts a secret, the family arranged for Haley’s father to pick her and Simpson up at the airport. He drove them to his own house, where the couple surprised Haley’s mother as well.

Andy Delemos, Simpson’s stepfather, was also in on the conspiracy, along with the Butcher Shoppe employees. Only his mom was in the dark.

Simpson is a 2009 graduate of Franklin High School in Elk Grove. He and Haley, who were childhood sweethearts, got married on Jan. 22 of this year. She lived near his base in Kansas and went to school there while Simpson was in Iraq.

Simpson said his 11 months in Iraq were pretty uneventful, and he wasn’t wounded in action. He will return to Fort Riley in two weeks, but he doesn’t face a second tour of duty in Iraq. He hasn’t decided whether he will re-enlist in the Army.


Baby Deacon and Joey’s Proposal

September 5th, 2011

Life in the Fiori Family has been quite busy during the month of August, giving us lots to celebrate and be thankful for!  On August 16th, David and Dana welcomed their first child, Deacon Gianni Fiori, weighing 7lbs 7oz and bearing a very strong resemblance to his daddy’s baby pictures.  Then, on August 27, Joey popped the big question on his girlfriend, Lindsey, while enjoying a gondola ride around the Newport Harbor.  We are excited to say that she will be officially joining the Fiori Clan next year!

2004 valedictorian Lodi High School Joey Nardinelli: Follow passions in school, career

July 25th, 2011

2004 valedictorian Lodi High School Joey Nardinelli: Follow passions in school, career

Q: Name one thing you miss most about Lodi.

A: Besides my parents, brother, and favorite dog Scooter, who I do think about every day, I have to say the things I miss most about Lodi are the food and the memories I have of sharing meals with family and friends both at home and at our myriad of locally owned restaurants. I not only continue to find inspiration in their hard work and dedication, but I also hope that one day, somehow, the Butcher Shoppe will finally break down and name a sandwich after my family — The Nardinelli Knockout.

Complete article:

Your BBQ Sauce + Our Meat = Great Summertime Gifts

June 7th, 2011

Here is a fun idea:  Rachel Ray did a segment yesterday on Good Morning America that included making homemade bbq sauce (uniquely and creatively flavored by you), putting it into jars, and then giving it as a gift along with a gift card to your local butcher shoppe. This is a great idea for hostess gifts, birthday gifts, or just to share some love to those around you with a passion for food and cooking!

Click title below to see her t.v. segment with barbeque sauce recipe:

Rachel Ray Summertime Cookout

Click here to contact us to get your gift cards: Contact Us

Gingerbread Trains and Good Day Sacramento

December 14th, 2010

A little festive holiday fun making gingerbread trains at the Shoppe last weekend, along with a visit from our friends at Good Day Sacramento!  Take a look…

It’s a BOY!!

July 31st, 2010

The guessing game is over…. and it’s a BOY! 

Caleb Joseph Williams was born July 8th,  9 lbs 2 oz, to proud parents Jimmy and Jenny.  The family couldn’t be more excited to finally meet this bundle of joy!  

For more pictures, clic on the link below, and scroll to “Day 8: Lodi Newborn Photographer” – wonderful shots taken by Jesica Allen!

Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe featured in San Joaquin Lifestyles magazine

June 9th, 2010

This month our store was featured in the San Joaquin Lifestyles magazine.  The article is below, but I wasn’t able to paste in pictures from their website, so for the full effect, go to and click ‘Savor’, then ‘Homemade Everything’.

Homemade Everything
By Ivan Moore

For 27 years, the family-owned deli has been serving a loyal customer base fresh fare made from local ingredients and gourmet meats.
Owners Joe and Barbara started the business in 1983, when Joe began selling his own cured and marinated meats. His specialties included homemade bratwurst, smoked salmon, and home-cured pastrami. Soon, the diminutive meat market earned a following, and gained a reputation as the premier place to pick up ready-marinated meats.

In 1998, the Fioris moved two doors down into a larger location to expand their market into a sit-down restaurant.
“The time was just right,” remembers Joe. “From the first day, we had full crowds.”
And crowds continue to flock to the Lodi Avenue location, a lunch destination known not only for its wide selection of sandwiches, but a well-rounded menu that includes fresh soups, salads, and desserts and an array of Lodi wines. In addition to a wide selection of regional and imported specialty food items, Fiori’s is proud to feature local produce and products, including locally roasted coffee and Lodi’s own Cecchetti Olive Oil. Joe still sells his homemade jerky and marinated meats, and also offers bottles of his famous seasoning blends.

“Homemade everything,” is how chef Katherine Wilson describes Fiori’s menu. When she joined Fiori’s in 2006, she introduced her own style of culinary offerings to complement the established Fiori menu. Her homemade soups, baked goods, quiches, and desserts have helped to solidify Fiori’s reputation as a delectable Lodi tradition.

Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe & Deli
400 W. Lodi Avenue, Lodi

Homemade “Mini” Cookies…yum! 50 cents…

March 19th, 2010

New homemade Mini Cookies – try 1, 2, or a few!   At 50 cents each, they’re the perfect size if your craving just a little something sweet after your meal, and fun for the kids, too!  All the same yummy flavors as before – Peanut Butter, Gingersnap, Chocolate Krinkle, Soft Oatmeal Cranberry, Chocolate Chunk, Molasses, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Snickerdoodle. 50 cents each, $6.00 /dozen.

Welcome to our Blog!

February 28th, 2010

Welcome!  We are very excited about our new website and blog.  Check out the site to see our menu and order seasoning, and of course, see what’s new by keeping up with our blog!

2009 was a busy year for us, with the addition of space onto the back of our building allowing for our new kitchen, as well as the new website, and now into 2010, we continue with ongoing updates and remodeling continuing even as I type!   Floor remodel pictures coming soon…be sure to check in to see the ongoing progress!

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